May 18-19, 2014

Atlantic City Country Club

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pairings Party Contest Begins this Week

The Jaws special contest to win two tickets to this year's Pairings Party at The Pool begins Wednesday, May 3rd.

Check back for details and so you don't get left out, but we can tell you that you must follow @JawsGolf to be eligible for the grand prize.  So sign up at Twitter and start following Jaws.

The prize also includes a Nike goodies back with some autographed gifts and an invitation to the after party.  Here's a sample of last year's shenanigans from the Johnnie Walker Lounge featuring whisky and cigars!

Ashley Sabath, Gary Thomas, Bobby Stavola & Jason Ale
Enjoying the Cigars

Tara & Owen Murphy
Sampling the
Johnnie Walker

Amber Mixon, BJ Grady & Ashley Mixon

Outdoor Patio

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