May 18-19, 2014

Atlantic City Country Club

Monday, May 21, 2012


Afternoon Champions,  15 under par (55)
(l-r) Ritrievi, Kouchenour, Maddox, Michlewright, BJ & Jaws

After a late start because of the weather and some wet conditions, the Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Challenge concludes with two teams tied at 15 under par.

After matching cards, the team with no true celebrity defeats team Brian Propp on the tiebreaker.

The day ends with Jaws' son BJ and his team of Ken Kochenour, John Maddox, Rory Ritrievi and Scott Michlewright taking home the title.

The 28th annual RJCGC is in the books as the tournament has helped raise nearly $4 million for the Jaws Youth Playbook. The mission of the foundation is to help improve the overall health and wellness of at-risk youth in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

From all of us at the RJCGC, thank you for your continued support.  Please check back for videos and more photos over the next few days.


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