May 18-19, 2014

Atlantic City Country Club

Monday, May 20, 2013

Afternoon Scramble Winners

Jaws Posing with Ellsworth, Edwards,
 Cornew, Nigro & Crowley

The afternoon "Closing Drive" champion is Constellation, one of the Event Premiere Sponsors.

Celebrity Herm Edwards (ESPN) helps Dave Ellsworth, Ken Cornew, Joe Nigro and Jack Crowly shoot a round of 56, 14-under par.

Constellation finishes one shot ahead of the Outback Subaru group with celebrity Dr. Lem Burnham and Norris Sales with its celebrity Hugh Green. Burnham (DL) & Green (LB) are both former NFL defensive players.

Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is the long drive champion, while two women, Jesse Petrongolo and Luanne Kwelty, take home closest to the pins awards.  Here's a look at all your "Closing Drive" award winner.

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